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At Trunch Garage, we can do all manner of repairs.

Our new workshop with its modern facilities ensure a fast and efficient service

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Keep safe - stopping is more important than starting!

Image of brakes

Safety Checks.
Pads & Discs.
Shoes & Drums.
Springs & Cylinders.
Master cyclinders.
Pipes & flexi hoses.
Load sensing valves.
Brake fluid & cables.
Pedal rubbers.
ABS pumps.
Traction control.
ESP systems.
Brake Inspection, cleaning and adjustment.
Callipers, Sliders and Pistons.
Handbrake adjustment.
Brake judder & Imbalance.
(Uneven brake application)
Spongey pedal.
Noisy brakes.
Brake fade.
Fluid loss.
Corroded pipes.
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We offer a huge rangs of auto electrical servicing and repairs.

Image of auto electrics

Alternators & Starter motors
Electronic control units (ECUs)
Batteries, Wiper motors
Signal Aquistion modules (SAMs)
Audio equipment
Engine sensors
Washer pumps, Fuel pumps
Door actuators
Central locking systems
SRS air bag systems
Immobiliser systems
Instrument clusters
CAN BUS networks
Electric windows, mirrors & seats
Heated seats & rear windscreens
Blower motors
Xenon headlights
HT leads, Coil packs
Solenoids & Relays
Wiring looms & connectors
Retro fit parking sensors
Fuses, switches & bulbs
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We repair pretty much anything on engines.

Image of engine repairs

Gasket sets inc. head gaskets
Timing, Fuel economy
Siezed engines & Re-builds
Low compression
Noise & overheating
Camshafts, crankshafts,
Cam followers, Hydraulic lifters
Push rods, Con rods, Pistons
Cylinder liners, Head skimming
Engine blocks, Big ends, Little ends.
Turbos & Superchargers
Water pumps, Oil pumps.
Cooling sytems.
Timing chains & Cam sprockets.
Carburettors & Fuel injection systems.
Fuel injectors, Inlet manifolds.
Spark plugs & glow plugs, Exhaust manifolds.
Common rail diesel systems.
Radiators, Thermostats.
Pipes and hoses

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We can repair all aspects of your vehicles gearbox.

Image of Gearbox

Input shafts, Lay shafts
Bearings, Casings, Pinions
Limited slip differentials
Crown, Planet & Sun wheels
Selectors & Hubs
Automatic gearbox repairs
Torque convertor (fluid flywheel)
Valve bodies, Bands, Solenoids
Inhibitor switches
Clutch plates.

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we carry out all sorts of welding jobs in-house.

Image of Welding

Mig welding
Plasma cuting
MOT repairs
MOT prescribed areas
Wheel arches
Floor plans
Inner wings
Battery trays
Door bottoms

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Minor repairs.

We regularly carry out all manner of minor repair jobs including supplying and fitting.

Image of MinorRepairs

Wiper blades - Bulbs - Fuses - Hose clips - Fasteners.

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We carry out a range of clutch repairs.

Image of a clutch

New clutches
Thrust bearings
Dual mass flywheels

We always check the dual mass flywheel (if fitted) when replacing a clutch.
For most diesel cars a modification kit is available cheaper than a new dual mass flywheel.

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Suspension and steering.

Suspension and steering are safety issues. Have them checked.

Image of Suspension

Springs break - car sits lower.
Shock absorbers getting worn - (more bouncy uneven ride, uneven tyre wear, poor handling) - Dangerous!!
Track rod ends.
Steering racks & boxes.
Steering columns.
Universal joints.
Rack ends.

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Air Conditioning.

Full air conditioning repairs and servicing.

Image of Air Conditioning sytstem

Fault finding.
Condensor replacement.
Pump replacement.
Receiver drier replacement.
Pressure sensor replacement.