We offer a full range of tyre services and are usually less expensive than most fast-fit tyre centres. Call us for a quote today.

These prices are all for supply and fit with new valves and wheel balancing.  They are all including VAT. For any other configuration, please call us.

Please Note: this is not a full list of the tyres we have available, it is just a selection of some of the most popular tyres we sell. If the tyres you need are not listed, please call us for a quote.

Tyre Prices

SizeOur Price
155/65R14 75T HIFLY HF201£33.30
165/60R14 75H GOLDWAY W90A£34.20
165/65R14 79H LSAIL LS388£35.10
165/70R13 79H LSAIL LS388£34.20
175/65R14 82T AVON ZT5£44.70
175/65R14 82H LSAIL LS188+£34.80
175/70R14 88T LSAIL LS388 XL£39.30
185/55R15 82V LSAIL LS288£40.20
185/60R14 82H LSAIL LS388£38.40
185/65R15 88H LSAIL LS288£41.10
195/50R15 82V LSAIL LS288£42.00

SizeOur Price
195/55R15 85V LSAIL LS288£39.30
195/60R15 88V LSAIL LS288£40.50
195/65R15 91H LSAIL LS288£40.80
195/65R15 91V AVON ZV5£53.10
195/70R15C 104/102S LSAIL LSV88£48.30
205/55R16 91V AVON ZV5£57.30
205/55R16 91W LSAIL LS288£41.10
215/55R16 97W LSAIL LS288 XL£46.50
225/40R18 92W LSAIL LS988 XL£52.50
225/45R17 94W LSAIL LS988 XL£44.70

Our tyre services include:

  • Puncture Repairs
  • Valve Replacement
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Free Tyre Legality and Safety Checks
  • Supply Only
  • Supply and Fit
  • Tracking

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